Archetypes in Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X, while having very little gameplay without brutal fighting, has a full cast of characters that interact with each other in different ways. There’s a clear outline of who is who, and a definite monomythic plotline. Although the gameplay puts different characters into the position of the playable character, the plot keeps the same cast of characters in the same roles throughout the game.

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Cassie Cage

Cassie Cage, daughter of Earthrealm heroes Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, is the hero of the storyline.  At the beginning of the game, she’s unsure of her role as the leader of her unit.  As she goes through the rigors of attempting to save the world, she must learn how to prove herself as leader.


Johnny Cage

Cassie’s father, and former champion of Earthrealm, plays the role of Mentor to his daughter.  As a former hero, he knows what it takes to save Earthrealm from the clutches of the Netherrealm.  He gives his daughter the tools to take on her journey.  He gives her the gift of a strange, unexplained power through their blood line.



Raiden announces the conflict with the Neatherrealm to Johnny Cage and Cassie’s team early in the game.  He also serves different purposes for different characters that you take control of, in the overall storyline, however, his main goal is to introduce the conflict.


Jacque Briggs, Kung Jin, and Takeda

These three individuals make up the remainder of Cassie Cage’s unit.

Jacque Briggs

Jacque Briggs is a combat expert with an affinity for robotic arms, like her father Jax.  She has a mastery of military technique and martial combat that serves Cassie well.


Takeda is the son of Kenshi, a blind swordsman, and the prodigy of the man known as the Scorpion.  He bares resentment towards his absentee father.  He uses chain whips to decimate their enemies, and his training in the Shiai-Raiu makes him an excellent soldier.

Kung Jin

Kung Jin serves two roles.  As an ally, he uses his mastery of archery and Shaolin martial techniques to help dispatch the hordes of enemies that challenge the prime objective: saving the world.


Kung Jin

Kung Jin also serves as the trickster.  His light-hearted banner and jocular nature make him the only candidate for the role.  He usually diffuses situations with humor, although often impeding on the goals of the team with own agenda.



D’vorrah is a host body to a collective of sentient, hive-minded insects known as Ky’tinn.  The fact that she’s a host of insects shaped as one insectoid humanoid alone doesn’t make her a shapeshifter; however, her assistance of Kotal Khan and temporarily Cassie Cage’s team, and her subsequent betrayal of both factions for the overall evil do make her the perfect fit for the role.


Quan Chi

Although there are several threshold guardians for each individual character throughout the storyline, Quan Chi and his army of revenants serve as the ultimate hindrance for Cassie’s team and many other characters throughout the game.



Shinnok is a fallen Elder God who was locked away in an amulet for his transgressions.  Although locked away, he manipulates and orchestrates events for his release.  He eventually gets out, and must be defeated by Cassie twice before finally being defeated.


One thought on “Archetypes in Mortal Kombat X

  1. This is pretty much exactly on-point. I think it would be worth looking at some of the games from the original trilogy – in which the plot was murkier and there was no story mode – and thinking about who still fights which role.


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